Saturday, May 30, 2015

On People Who Insist That Anyone Advocates For "Make Work" Given The Fact That There Is Actual Work That Needs To Be Done

These people are total morons/idiots and/or liars. Will "Take No Prisoners" Hart is one such person. In a recent commentary on his blog the Libertarian said "make-work advocacy... is only advocated by those who fail to understand the text".

So, WTF is "the text"? Damned if I know. I do know, however, that make work is really just a phrase used to push the concept of the government putting people to work when jobs are scarce. You've heard of it. Supposedly Person A digs a hole and Person B fills it. But there is actual work that needs doing (and this idiotic hole digging and filling scenario has never actually happened).

Yet the Willises of the world who hate the idea of Government stepping in and (in order to put money in people's pockets and jumpstart the economy) hiring unemployed folks to participate in worthwhile and needed public works projects (etc), vilify it. And lie, or buy into the fable that anyone has actually ever been hired to dig a hole and another person hired to fill it (or other similar pointless work).

Although the Hartster may actually be stupid enough to think this has ever actually happened. Or is a huge liar and spinning another of the strawmen he loves so much. I suspect he falls somewhere in between the two (he's a stupid liar).

Out of work Americans could be work on needed infrastructure projects right now, if not for the obstruction of the Republican Congress (which got worse after the last midterm). These would not be pointless hole digging and filling jobs, but needed work, given the state of this country's infrastructure.

Infrastructure is vital to our country's economic growth and development. It's the fundamental system we rely on to move people, goods, and services. Every business, large and small, depends on it... Infrastructure includes the essential pieces of our transportation network like roads, rails, and ports, and it also includes water facilities, our electrical grid, and high-speed broadband networks. There is no part of the economy that infrastructure does not touch. World-class, state-of-the-art infrastructure can boost growth, create opportunities, and spark innovation. Crumbling, outdated and inefficient infrastructure can be a serious drag on the economy, creating barriers to success and mobility.

Unfortunately, whereas once the US could easily boast of having the most sophisticated, modern infrastructure in the world, today we are rapidly falling behind. We simply have not been making the kinds of investments that are required to even maintain the system we have now, let alone improve and update it. Instead of maintaining and investing in a more efficient and effective system, our infrastructure has deteriorated because of insufficient funding... (Repairing Our Infrastructure Senate Budget Committee. Bernie Sanders, Ranking Member).

And as economist Robert Reich points out...

Robert Reich:'s cheaper than ever for the United States to borrow. Deferred maintenance is taking a huge toll. ... Now connect the dots. Anyone with half a brain will see this is the ideal time to borrow money from the rest of the world to put Americans to work rebuilding the nation's infrastructure. (Why This is Exactly the Time to Rebuild America's Infrastructure 9/26/2011).

There is no need to "make" work. Work that needs to be done exists, which is why nobody is advocating we "make" any, you idiot Willis! But it's entirely possible that Willis is one of those who does NOT have "half a brain", which might explain why the deluded fool buys into Libertarian nonsense as strongly as he does.

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