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On Willis Hart's Focus On Baltimore Rioting Whilst Not Mentioning Why Rioting Is Taking Place

Thus far Libertarian blogger Willis Hart has authored Two commentaries on the riots in Boston... and ZERO commentaries concerning the reason why the African American community is upset... and why SOME are rioting. Despite the fact that the officers involved in the death of Freddie Gray have have been criminally charged.

On May 1, 2015, state prosecutors in Baltimore received a medical examiner's report ruling Gray's death a homicide. Prosecutors also said that his arrest was illegal because the alleged switchblade was a legal-sized pocket knife. The prosecutors stated that they had probable cause to file criminal charges against the six police officers who were believed to be involved in his death. One officer was charged with second degree depraved-heart murder, and others were charged with crimes ranging from manslaughter to illegal arrest (Source: Wikipedia).

Yet neither of Willis' two commentaries even mention WHY people are rioting. Nor does Willis (or any of his commenters) speak of the murder of Freddie Gray in either of the discussion threads.

Not in this one from 4/29/2015.

Willis Hart: On those Miscreants, Degenerates, and Lunatics Who Burnt Down the Senior Center in Baltimore It really doesn't get much lower than that, now does it? I mean, what are these schmucks gonna start doing next; pistol-whipping foster-children? Beheading the developmentally-delayed? (4/29/2015 AT 5:02pm).

Nor in this one from 4/20/2015.

Willis Hart: On the Riots Currently Taking Place in Baltimore... Sorry, but I'm having a hard time envisioning Ed Koch or the first Mayor Daley putting up with this crappola. (4/20/2015 AT 8:04pm).

Strangely, however, Willis did comment concerning the deaths of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and Eric Garner. In those instances he blamed the victim (Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown were definitely responsible for their own deaths in his mind while Eric Garner shared responsibility with NY mayor Bill De Blasio... yeah, really!).

But, in regards to the two recent cases in which the cop (or cops) involved were charged? Willis completely ignored the case of Walter Scott, who was shot by officer Michael Slager - as the unarmed Scott ran away. And, in regards to Freddie Gray - well, I already showed how he responded to that murder. He ignored it and focused on the riots (as if they happened for no reason at all other than Black criminality).

Willis Hart Contra O'Reilly comment concerning Trayvon Martin from 7/17/2013.

Willis Hart: Not only is there reasonable doubt in this case, most of the evidence points to the fact that this was a political and malicious prosecution [of George Zimmerman]. (7/17/2013 AT 10:36am).

Willis Hart Libertas and Latte comment concerning Michael Brown from 1/23/2015.

Willis Hart: Multiple BLACK witnesses corroborated Wilson's version of the story. As did the forensics. The sad fact here is that Brown was a thug who robbed a convenience store, punched a cop in the face, and tried to take his weapon and that stories such as this never seem to end well unfortunately. (1/23/2015 AT 7:58pm).

Willis Hart Contra O'Reilly comment concerning Eric Garner from 12/27/2014.

Willis Hart: And, yes, he bears a huge amount of the responsibility for his death; some big fat fuck with asthma putting himself in a stressful situation. (12/27/2014 AT 10:23am).

See a pattern here? It's that Willis only comments on the killing of a young Black man when (in his mind) it's justifiable to blame the victim and/or defend the shooter/killer. In cases where it's obvious the cops might be guilty of murder (because of video evidence and/or excessive injuries)... then we get complete silence from Willis. Or he ignores the killings and focuses on the aftermath. Like his last two posts calling out rioters as "miscreants, degenerates and lunatics" and suggesting that the cops should get tough.

Although, unlike his buddy Rusty Shackelford, Willis does not say how the cops should respond, saying only "I'm having a hard time envisioning Ed Koch or the first Mayor Daley putting up with this crappola".

Rusty Shackelford: Fuck the tear gas... Fuck the rubber bullets... Fuck the bean bag's... Load up with live ammo and chop about 100 of these animals down... this shit would end in a hurry. (4/27/2015 AT 7:06pm from the blog "Who's Your Daddy").

No, Willis would absolutely not agree with his friend Rusty concerning his suggested mass murder of Black "animals". But I'm thinking these two do share some of the same racial prejudices.

Willis Hart: I like Rusty the same way I like Don Rickles and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog. He amuses me (7/29/2008 AT 8:49pm)

Sorry Willis, but I could never say that I "like" a racist scumbag like Shackelford. Yeah, that Shackelford comment is from another blog and Willis probably didn't see it, but Shackelford has made his racist proclivities known on Willis' blog. They don't bother Willis because he SHARES them. To a much lesser degree (I'd say Shackelford is a hardcore racist, while Willis only has strong racial biases), but yeah, I think the above shows a distinct pattern.

I am, for the record, absolutely NOT saying the rioters did not break the law or that they should not be held accountable. They did and they should. If the rioters can be identified they should be charged and convicted of appropriate crimes. An opinion the liar Willis implies I disagree with.

Willis Hart: On Rioting... There is never an excuse for it - PERIOD!!!(5/2/2015 AT 10:26am)

No, there is no excuse, but there is understanding why some could get frustrated to the point where they would do such a thing (although I will concede that for SOME, an excuse to grab free stuff might be a factor). As Shaw Kenawe of Progressive Eruptions pointed out on her blog with a quote from MLK... "A riot is the language of the unheard".

The trouble with Willis is that he doesn't understand the concept of institutional racism, as this just added commentary from his blog clearly illustrates.

Willis Hart: On Pronouncing People Guilty Prior to Having All the Evidence... It is only something that a sick, idiotic, ineducable, and ill-informed asshole would do. Yes, those cops in Baltimore (three of whom are black, btw) quite possibly did something wrong but not everybody who gets indicted is guilty (just ask the ham sandwich) and that's why we have a trial and refrain from shooting people on a whim a la Lenin, Stalin, Hussein, al Qaeda, etc. (5/2/2015 AT 10:42am).

OK, so Willis finally breaks his silence, but he does so to DEFEND THE COPS that are responsible for Freddie Gray's death! Un-freaking-believable! And he still does not mention WHO these cops *might* be guilty of causing the death of. And he makes a point of mentioning that two of the cops are Black (overlooking/discounting institutional racism).

And I assume the Hartster is referring to me, but I NEVER "pronounced" anyone guilty. I made my opinion known as to these cop's guilt (and I think it's pretty clear they are guilty so I don't know HOW THE HELL Willis can defend them). But an opinion is not a "pronouncement". Nobody can be pronounced guilty until there is a trial. And, no, it does not matter if any of the cops were Black (institutional racism, look it up).

Obvious guilt, and this racially biased jackass is concerned about people "pronouncing... when the ACTUAL pronouncing (by a judge and jury) has yet to occur. And he speaks of "refraining from shooting people on a whim"... in reference to the murdering cops! Yeah, maybe the cops should do that, Willis! Refrain from severing people's spines too. As for these cops, they will have their day in court. Unlike Freddie Gray... who didn't even do anything for which the police had cause to arrest him, given that the knife he was carrying was legal.

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