Thursday, May 28, 2015

Unbreaking News: Willis Hart is Still With Us

In my prior commentary I reported that the Libertarian blogger who goes by the Blogger ID Will "Take No Prisoners" Hart, but whose real name is Willis Hart, had passed away. Although I said I did not know for certain that Willis had croaked, but was only guessing that he kicked the bucked due to the lack of activity on his blog.

I thought the lack of activity was extremely odd, given the fact that Willis is an extremely prolific blogger. On a normal day he will post multiple commentaries. Then Willis went completely silent for 2 full days (his last post was on 5/19/2015, and he resumed posting on 5/22/2015).

Because of this (the two days with zero posts) I concluded that Willis had passed away. Gone to the great beyond. Or, given the fact that he is an atheist, was currently rotting in the ground. But it turns out I was wrong. Willis roared back with a vengeance. On 5/22/2015 he posted 3 new commentaries. On 5/23/2015 he posted 4 commentaries. 4 on the 24th, 2 on the 25th, 3 on the 26th, and 2 on the 27th. Although, today, on the 28th, he has (so far) posted none. Although I expect a couple new ones before the day is out.

In any case, my prior report of Willis' Hart's demise was (obviously) premature. Willis Hart did not buy the farm. He is alive and kicking and busy authoring dozens of posts in which he spews Libertarian BS, argues in favor of oligarchy, race baits, bashes poor people/endorses corporate welfare, and participates in the misogyny-based war on women by justifying the fact that women earn less than men for doing the same work.

Oh, and more about how much he hates dead Commies. Not that I disagree with him in regards to totalitarian dictatorships being horrible (because the dictator lied about bringing Socialism to the populace, which they yearned for, and then starved/imprisoned/killed them instead), but what about the oligarchs and our rigged economic system? That he disputes is even reality. Not surprising, given his strong desire for American to go completely neo-feudal.

Anywho, what was the reason for his absence? Turns out he was out of town enjoying some gross-flavored saltwater taffy. Licorice/anise and cloves are his favorites? How disgusting. Just thinking about these revoltingly nauseating and foul flavors makes me want to barf. As does thinking about the impact his political views have on our country and the world.

Although, as previously mentioned, no commentaries so far today. Maybe he ate some more of that taffy and can't post because he is vomiting continuously? I mean, I would be if I ate taffy that was "clove" flavored. Yuck. But it figures his palate would find something distasteful tasty, given that is how he leans politically; toward that which is distasteful to all but the oligarchs.

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