Saturday, May 2, 2015

On Willis Hart Using Someone's Weight To Denigrate Them & Referring to An Overweight Person As A "Fat Fuck"

Most recently in regards to Liberal documentary filmmaker Michael Moore.

Willis Hart: On Fat, Stupid Michael Moore Denigrating American Sniper/War Hero, Chris Kyle, Calling Him a Coward... I can't even look at this asshole anymore... And did you see how he tried to back away from it once the shit hit the fan, saying that wasn't actually talking about Kyle? I mean, come on. (1/19/2015 AT 9:31pm).

What the hell does Mr. Moore's weight have to do with his tweets in response to the release of the movie "American Sniper"? Absolutely nothing. Willis is one of those people who judges people based on appearance. An incredibly shallow and vain person, in other words.

As for what Mr. Moore said about snipers I say "eh". He has a point. Chris Kyle killed a lot of people, some of them innocent. Although it was ex-preznit bush who illegally invaded Iraq. So, I'd say we shouldn't have even been there. Or Afghanistan. Then CK wouldn't have killed anyone.

But, naturally the Rightwing is going crazy over comments such as Mr. Moore's in regards to this film by the Republican Clint Eastwood (he who embarrassed himself at the GOP convention by talking to an empty chair).

The film is a "pro-War on Terror masterpiece" according to an article on the Breitbart site.

Yikes! I haven't seen it, but if that is an accurate description that I'd have to agree with Seth Rogan... who tweeted that he thought it had some similarity to a Nazi propaganda film (specifically the film within the film "Inglourious Basterds").

Although I've also heard the movie described as an account of the effects of war on soldiers... Kyle did feel guilt over those he'd killed and suffered from PTSD (I think, although I'm not positive).

My guess is that the Rightwing will read into the movie what they want. Although perhaps the Breitbart description is accurate given who the director is. Although some on the Left say the film shows the horrors of war and the effects of it on our soldiers... and thus is anti-war. But Breitbart claims that the movie is NOT anti-Iraq war... this is something the author of the article says the Left lies about.

That said, I haven't seen it, nor am I that familiar with Kyle's story. But I do find it odd that Willis refers to Kyle as a "war hero", given his claims of being "anti-war".

Anyway, on to the second example of Willis denigrating someone based on their weight. This time with a particularly vile (and profane) slur directed at the murdered Eric Garner (SWTD #275).

Willis Hart: he bears a huge amount of the responsibility for his death; some big fat fuck with asthma putting himself in a stressful situation (12/27/2015 AT 10:23am).

Geez... really, Willis? This guy is becoming increasingly foul-mouthed and more often than not aligning himself with the Right... this despite him believing he is an "independent". Here he's agreeing with the likes of NY Rep Peter King, who blamed Garner for his own death. Although Willis also laughly and idiotically blames politicians who support the cigarette tax.

Blaming the victim, fat shaming, and using profane language to refer to a dead man? Proof positive that Willis Hart is a piece of shit. Or, he's absolutely a piece of shit... in my book.

OST #38

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