Wednesday, April 6, 2016

How Many "Team Members" Does The Contra O'Reilly Blog Have?

My guess is one.

The Libertarian Willis Hart recently began restricting commenting to "team members", but since that time, it appears to me that zero comments have been left (I see none), hence my guess that Contra O'Reilly has but one "team member". That singular team member being Willis Hart.

Further proof that Willis is the only team member, IMO, are posts such as the following.

Willis Hart: On that Doltish Boston Sports Reporter (I Refuse to Mention His Name) Who Recently Claimed that UConn Was Bad for Women's College Basketball (the Fact that They're too Dominant, I Guess)
And I'm sure that he would have said the same exact thing if BC or UMass was dominating. Yeah, right. (4/3/2016 AT 5:01pm).

So, how the hell is anyone reading this supposed to know WHO this "doltish Boston sports reporter" is? One possible answer is that, seeing as Willis is the only team member (and he already knows who he's talking about), he does not care if someone else reads the post and has no idea who he's referring to (they can't comment anyway).

Not that I care who this person is. I couldn't care less, given the fact that I find sports competitions put on as "entertainment" to be perplexing. I mean, I can comprehend interest *if* the "fan" knows one (or more) of the participants. Otherwise, why should I care which group of strangers is victorious?


If anyone happens to read this who has also received and accepted a "team member" invitation from the Hartster... I'd be interested in hearing about it. Until then (or until I see anyone actually leave a comment), I'm sticking with my "team of one" hypothesis.

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  1. I guess it's probably all my fault. I tried to leave a comment a few weeks ago when he first ventured a guess as to why Trump wouldn't publish his tax returns. Another thing made me think of Will yesterday, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz on the Today Show with Trevor Noah. Her headlights were on and they were looking pretty nice.

  2. Rutherford Shackelford is likely the only Contra O'Reily team member. And even he hasn't showed up in awhile.

  3. So....we guess there IS AN "I" in team. :)


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