Thursday, April 28, 2016

On The Racist Blogger Willis Hart Criticizing Beyonce (Using Foul Language) For "Buck-Dancing & Jiving with Some Idiotic Blond Weave"

Another racist post from the Libertarian blogger Willis Hart, this time his ire directed at the incredibly successful singer/performer Beyoncé Knowles.

Willis Hart: On the Fact that Beyonce Can Do One Fucking Minstrel Show After Another (Buck-Dancing and Jiving with Some Idiotic Blond Weave) and Not Be Called a Coon (Her Fist in the Air Stunt Evidently Giving Her Some Street-Cred) but Ben Carson, a Noteworthy Pediatric Neurosurgeon, Gets Called One Simply for Having an Opinion.

Yep, this unfortunately passes for logic among groups such as the New Black Panther Party, Black Lives Matter, etc.. And the thing is, they don't even understand what cooning is, for Christ sakes (the fact that it involves behavior and NOT opinions)! How embarrassing and quite a drop-off from Frederick Douglass, Booker T. Washington, Ed Brooke, Thomas Sowell, etc., wouldn't you say? (3/7/2016 AT 3:44pm).

Actually, no, I would not say. Ben Carson is being criticized for saying ridiculous things... such as comparing women who get abortions to slaveholders, saying ObamaCare is worse than slavery, Jews could have prevented the Holocaust if they had guns, being gay is a choice because prison turns people gay, there's no such thing as a war crime, and many more (source).

As for Willis saying "they don't even understand what cooning is"... first, who the hell is this "they"? Sounds like he's implying that the New Black Panthers (who are unaffiliated with the "old" Black Panthers) and Black Lives Matter (or affiliated individuals) have referred to Carson using this slur? Who knows? I Googled (and results were returned), but when I searched the pages for the word "coon", I found it was not present.

Perhaps if I looked harder/longer I could find something, but I'm honestly not going to waste my time with such bullshit. Bullshit because Willis is the one who doesn't know what "cooning" means. According to a 10/7/2015 Mediaite article "within the black community... Coonery [applies when] poor Blacks embarrass bourgeoisie Blacks".

So, Carson, being a "bourgeoisie Black", CAN'T be guilty of "coonery". Neither can Beyonce, as the term applies to poor Blacks only. When used by middle class & wealthy Blacks. When used by Whites "they are slurring all black people". So, when Willis suggests Beyonce is a coon, he's slurring BOTH Beyonce and Ben Carson.

An offensive term Willis Hart uses (although he dishonestly attempts to put the word into Black mouths) BECAUSE HE'S A RACIST!

The ONLY reason he refers to Beyonce's performances as "minstrel shows" is because she is Black. The ONLY reason he describes her performances (the non-audio aspects) as "buck dancing and jiving" is because she's Black. And the ONLY reason he criticizes her "idiotic blonde weave" is BECAUSE SHE IS BLACK! I mean, does anyone think that he would level similar criticisms against a White performer? Of course not.

As for the criticisms of Ben Carson "for having an opinion", the criticisms (such as I noted above) have to do with his political statements and are not related to his career as a "noteworthy pediatric neurosurgeon", you fucking racist dumbass!

Image: Beyoncé Knowles performs during the 2/7/2016 Super Bowl 50 halftime show. It was the performance of Formation that PO'd (White racially-biased) Conservatives like WTNPH, because the music "video also featured imagery closely aligned with the #BlackLivesMatters movement". (Why the Beyoncé controversy is bigger than you think).

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