Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Who Are The "Psychotic Trolls" That "Now Have a Shitload More Time on Their Hands"?

The Libertarian blogger Willis Hart frequently posts cryptic commentaries on his blog, although I do have a good guess as to what he means by the following...

Willis Hart: On the Fact that Couple of Psychotic Trolls Now Have a Shitload More Time on Their Hands... Just consider it my gift to society. (4/13/2016 AT 4:22pm).

My Theory as to WTF Willis is talking about?

Early last month Willis restricted comments to team members (thereby ending what he called "secret comments").

The result being that I can no longer post on his blog. This (I am quite positive) is what he's talking about. I am one of the "psychotic trolls" he is referring to.

But he refers to "trolls" (plural). Which causes me to wonder... who are the others? Is he referring to specific people... possibly Rational Nation and also possibly Flying Junior? Or are these other trolls figments of his imagination?

In any case, Willis has finally obtained the perfect echo chamber he so obviously desired. Now he can pretend that *if* anyone (beside himself) reads his blog, they're all nodding their heads in agreement. Or seething in anger because they know Willis is right (although they'd still like to post their delusional comments disagreeing with the sage Hartster).

Thank goodness Willis can now post, knowing he's 100 percent correct in whatever idiocy he writes. And not be distracted with the chore of deleting a bunch of "psychotic troll" comments (comments from anyone who disagrees with him... I'm guessing).

Although he might have convinced himself that, given that I can't comment, I've left and no longer read his blog. Which is why I have a "shitload more time on my hands". But obviously I didn't leave and I am still reading (this blog being the proof).

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