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How Many Women Has Willis Hart Raped?

Which is the bigger problem, fabricated rape charges resulting from a woman having drunken sex and regretting it later (or simply regretting having sex, drunk or not), or actual rapists getting away with their crimes sans punishment?

Me, I'm going with the latter, given the fact that less than half of incidents of rape are reported, only three percent of rapists actually receive prison time, and Republican politicians think that women can't get pregnant from rape (even though there are 32k rape pregnancies in the US per year)!

Yes, it is true that 2-8 percent of rape charges may be false, but on college campuses across the nation, surveys show that students think 50 percent of the charges are fabricated! Almost certainly explaining why less than half of rapes are reported (because women fear not being believed).

Yet, despite these facts, the misogynist blogger Willis Hart has authored literally dozens of commentaries lamenting the huge problem that exists of women lying about getting raped. And, no, that it's a "huge problem" isn't something he's actually written, but given the huge number of commentaries he's written on the subject, I think it's fair to assume he thinks it is.

Commentaries such as the following.

Willis Hart: On the Assertion that Women Should Be Believed Absolutely... It's ludicrous and it's patronizing. Of course women lie and they probably do it as often as men do [Link]. That and do we really and truly want to put men away for 20 years just 'cause the woman had some second thoughts the next day? Come on! (4/21/2016 AT 8:31pm).

Willis' link is to a Science Direct article titled "Gender differences in lying". According to the abstract "aversion to lying has been consistently observed in sender–receiver games [and] women have demonstrated greater aversion to lying for a small monetary benefit" (what the actual article says I don't know because there is a $35.95 price attached).

Note the article (at least according to the abstract) concerns lying when there is a monetary benefit to be gained. The article has NOTHING to do with rape. Yet Willis (king of strawmen and non sequiturs) makes such a connection.

Frankly Willis' obsession/fixation on the topic of women lying about being rape (which is very rare and very outside the norm) is something I find disturbing. And it makes me wonder, has Willis Hart been "falsely" accused of rape? I would not be surprised if he had, given commentaries such as the following.

Willis Hart: On the Notion that Whenever Two Consenting Albeit Impaired Adults Have Drunken Sex Only the Fellow Is Considered a Rapist... How is THAT not sexist; a) to the man in terms of unfairness and b) to the woman for treating her like an infant, or at the bare minimum a double-standard? It sure as hell seems like those things to me. (3/24/2016 AT 10:26pm).

Add to this the fact that this obvious misgonyist also frequently blogs about how people who believe that patriarchy is a real thing are "conspiracy nutcases", gender pay inequality is a "discredited meme" and that "radical feminists" are the source of these "thoroughly discredited concepts"... and I've got to wonder.

Wonder, because Willis seems really pissed at all the lying bitches. So, while Willis Hart may have raped zero women, the number could also be one or more. Surely this would explain why he hates women so much. Although the reason could simply be that he's a typical Libertarian female-hating asshole.

The Libertarian "goddess" Ayn Rand authored fictional novels in which the male "hero" raped and the women liked it. Perhaps Willis, as a Libertarian who "worships Ayn Rand" (a paraphrase of his words) thinks that is how sex should work. That if a man wants a woman he gets her liquored up and when she "consents" he takes her.

I could be wrong, but I think that it's quite likely that Willis has raped and that his victim regretted getting raped... and that explains all these commentaries about something that (while it does happen) is rare. Much more frequently a woman who was raped is disbelieved, even though she's telling the truth. And that Willis suggests otherwise? IMO that makes him a rape-enabler. Not that his blog specifically enabled any rapes, but his mindset (that this is a HUGE problem) surely isn't conducive to creating an environment where the real problem (that women are disbelieved when they are telling the truth) gets addressed and dealt with.

And, btw, who the hell does Willis think is asserting that Women should be believed ABSOLUTELY? I mean, is legislation about to be passed that would lock men up immediately (without a trial) if they are accused of rape? No. All I've heard some people say is that we should act as if women are telling the truth when the say they're raped (but investigate/have a trial). Absolutely nobody is saying what Willis suggests some (unnamed) people are (absent sourcing). This is another of the Harster's fucking strawmen, in other words.

Supporting Document
[DSD #22] Drunkenness Equals Consent, Women Lying About Being Raped When They Had Drunken Sex And Regretted It Later Is A Big Problem, Rape Culture Is A False Meme (A catalog of numerous commentaries by WTNPH in which he argues that women lying about being raped is a HUGE problem).

Image: The "minstrel" Marc Lamont Hill tweets fact about rape that the misogynist Willis Hart rails against frequently on his Libertarian blog.

OST #136

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