Monday, April 25, 2016

Willis Hart To Win Nobel Peace Prize?

Is the Libertarian blogger Willis Hart a potential future Nobel Peace prize winner? He just might be, if the organization he writes one of his "notes" to takes his advice.

Willis Hart: Note to ISIS... Hey guys, I have a suggestion. Instead of engaging in mass-executions and suicide attacks, you try a little something different. Like, I don't know, maybe construct a functional sewage system, hire a few traffic cops, build and maintain a half-way reliable electrical grid - you know, basic civilization stuff. No, it isn't as exciting as playing soldier or as psychologically comforting as thinking that there's a actually a god who rewards murder and mayhem with an afterlife of unlimited jail-bait but you gotta grow up sometime, fellas'. (4/11/2016 AT 4:22pm).

OK, so now that Willis has pointed out the flaw in the logic of ISIS, I'm sure they're going to change their ways and follow Mr. Hart's advice ASAP. Because you know someone high up in the ISIS ranks reads Contra O'Reilly.

Anyway, now that Willis has solved the ISIS/terrorism problem, I'm positive that, in appreciation, the citizens of the world will demand that he be awarded a Nobel Peace prize. You know, because, unlike Obama, he actually brought about peace.

Or, he is about to. Now that ISIS is aware of what they're doing wrong (thanks to Hart's note), it's only a matter of time before they start behaving themselves and doing exactly what Willis has prescribed. Because they will recognize the wisdom behind his words. Also because (upon realizing that they've been wrong all along) will be greatly ashamed. And realize they DO need to grow up and stop fantasizing about martyring themselves in the name of Allah (by blowing themselves up/murdering others) and receiving their "jailbait" reward in the afterlife.

Although the Koran states that believers receive "companions of equal age [who are] well-matched... pure beings" known as Houri. However, "some scholars argue that the promise of 72 virgins is a mistranslation". Also (however), according to Ibn Warraq (referring to The Syro-Aramaic reading of the Koran) "the context makes it clear that it is food and drink that is being offered, and not unsullied maidens or houris".

But Al-Tirmidhi (824–892) did write that an "houri is a girl of tender age". So, jailbait? This might very well be what ISIS suicide bombers believe they're going to be rewarded with in the afterlife. Anyway, given that they're fanatics, they'd probably want to chop off Willis' head... as opposed to reading and following the advice he gives in his "note".

I suppose I could be wrong, however, and that when Gary Johnson is elected president, he will appoint the Nobel-Peace-prize-winning Willis Hart to a prominent cabinet position (or Gary might even select him as his VP). In order to take advantage of his extraordinary wisdom.

By the way, there is also the fact that all the territory occupied by ISIS is actually parts of other countries, ruled by other people. If ISIS fighters put down their weapons and started constructing functional sewage systems, hiring traffic cops, and building and maintaining reliable electrical grids... they'd be shot and killed. Or arrested, tried and executed. You can't start acting like a government when you're not one. Because the actual government views your militia as belligerents.

I mean, when/if they win the war, then they likely would do these things (as their goal is to set up a strict Islamic state/Caliphate). They have to win the war FIRST, however. Are they "playing soldier", as the dense Hartster puts it, or are they freedom fighters? Yeah, I think that (at least in their view), they're the later. And freedom fighters have to win first BEFORE doing things governments do.

In other words... Willis again shows how much of a total moron he is. Oh, and "murder and mayhem"? They view us (the United States, Europe & allies) as the ones engaging in this, and they're only retaliating.

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  1. I'm thinking that when ISIS first gained territory in Iraq and Syria, they actually did devote a certain portion of their spoils to improving infrastructure, water and distributing food. This is not original thinking. Unfortunately, now that they are on the run, the people receive absolutely nothing of any value.

    You're hilarious! Hart is a maniac. I'm willing to play along and not to be out-crazied by anyone, not even Will. So here is my idea of a sinful, high-falutin' time, brought to you by none other than Satan himself for all of eternity.

    How about instead of all of the girls being thirteen, I'm the one who is thirteen until the end of time? Then I can keep on having sex like eight or nine times every day! Schwing!


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