Monday, April 4, 2016

Re Referring To A TV Personality You Dislike As A Smarmy, Hero-Worshiping, Intellectually-Challenged, Nearly Unwatchable, Bonkers, Left-of-Center, Slant-Headed, Buffoonish Wack-Job

The Libertarian Willis Hart does it in the following post.

Willis Hart: On the Fact that Trump Allowed Himself to get Punked by the Smarmy, Hero-Worshiping, Intellectually-Challenged, Nearly Unwatchable, and Bonkers Left-of-Center TV Host, Chris Matthews... How embarrassing is that? I mean, if you can't match wits with a slant-headed, buffoonish wack-job like Matthews, what chance do you have amongst world leaders? Maybe the "establishment" is right for a change.

P.S. And as far as abortion (the issue that Trump flubbed) goes, I don't doubt that Trump gives a rat's ass about it and that dullard response to Matthews was strictly what he thought that his target audience wanted hear. The dude was pandering, in other words. (4/3/2016 AT 4:11pm).

(Note: Regarding the struck word - I replaced "don't" with "doubt" because I think it's the word Willis intended to use).

My one sentence response? Not enough pejoratives (and yes, I mean that sarcastically).

So my impression is that the Hartster REALLY doesn't like Chris Matthews. But why use this topic to bash him? This is the interview in which Trump said that he thinks abortion is murder and that women should be "punished" if they exercise their right to choose.

And Willis has no problem with the response... because he guesses that Trump is "pandering". So, if elected he'll leave things as they are, I guess. Although Trump did say he thinks it's a states' rights issue. Sure, because we should have different abortion laws in each state.

Makes a lot of sense that Willis would get behind/defend Trump on this, given the fact that Libertarians generally oppose abortion. No, wait. Aside from the Pauls, my impression has been that they're for a woman's right to choose (Libertarian Party Platform: Abortion is a woman's choice and does not concern the state).

BTW, all those pejoratives and Chris Matthews is still only "NEARLY unwatchable"? How many more insults would Willis need to add to the list for the "nearly" to go away, I wonder?

Anyway, apparently "pandering" is OK in Willis the Trump defender's eyes. At least when it's not a Democrat doing it.

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