Sunday, April 3, 2016

On OST (This Blog) Being A Site Where The Proprietor (A Slime That Feeds Off Others) Spends Hours Weaving Absurd BS (This, After Prowling Sites & Picking A Post)

This assessment of this blog (Oligarchic Stooge Talk or OST) being made on the blog of the Libertarian Willis Hart.

Rational Nation: Derve is who he is, slime feeding off others, and prowls sites, picks a post, and spends hours weaving absurd BS. I suppose you can classify him as you did. (11/15/2015 AT 9:02am).

Willis Hart: "spends hours weaving absurd BS" - Nobody cuts to the chase like you do, Les. I love it. (3/22/2014 AT 7:19pm).

Of course he loves it. Something he probably would't love so much would be this recent comment by Rational Nation (if he read it).

Rational Nation: for the links you provided. All I shall say is the particular individual responsible for the linked weblog vehemently disagrees with everything you believe in. He also fell off the cliff awhile back. But his good bud skackelford thinks he is very bright. (4/1/2016 AT 08:18:00 AM EDT).

The "particular individual" is none other than Willis Hart. Here Mr. Nation says WTNPH "fell off the cliff awhile back".

BTW, Mr. Nation did comment on OST for awhile (on a number of posts)... although he has not visited for some time (or not visited and commented, at least). Maybe he lost interest. Although he apparently had some interest in my "absurd BS" (AKA my "onslaught of absurdities"). For a while, anyway.

I took the interest to mean that Mr. Nation may have changed his mind regarding his prior harsh comments. I could be wrong on that, however. In any case, the harshness seems to presently be directed at Willis Hart. For good reason, IMO.

Anyway, it appears as though it's mutual; in that both of these fellows' opinions of each other have gone from favorable to not favorable.

Willis Hart: On the Never-Ending Insult-Ladened Pissing Contest Between the Doltish and Insufferable Radical Redneck and the Equally Doltish and Insufferable Rational Nation Over at Lisa's Blog... I was going to compare it to Romper Room but that would have been an insult to pre-schoolers everywhere. Immaturity on Barry Bonds dosage steroids is probably a more apt analogy. (3/30/2016 AT 5:17pm).

So Willis thinks his former buddy is "doltish" and "insufferable"... as well as immature? I have to say that, given the fact that these two were previously united in lobbing insults my way, this is a development that makes me chuckle.

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